Friday, September 23, 2016

Get 'Em Together!

Get Instant Reciprocal Elite Status Between Starwood and Marriott

Hola, just a short note before Roadboy crashes.

I linked my Starwood and Marriott FF stay accounts today.  Was very please to see that my Marriott Platinum status was instantly given reciprocity with Starwood! It goes the other way too!

So if you have status with either get 'em linked. In the future when the programs are merged points earned under with program will also combine. 

Another nice bene. Starwood lets you link to Uber and get Starwood points on every ride. As much as I find myself using Uber nowadays, that is awesome too.

So while airline FF programs just get crappier, these two hotel chains seem to still value the loyatly of road warriors.

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