Friday, December 16, 2016

A Toast to 2016 - Looking Ahead to 2017


2016 was an amazing year.

And, I'd have to say it was the time spent in my journey's that kept me sane.
You see, luckily, much of my travel this year took me to places that didn't pander to the self-absorbed, national embarrassment that was America's 2016's presidential election.  I simply was able to ignore it for large periods of time.

Indeed, I found that the rest of the world was both amused (and deeply troubled) by America's fixation on the daily doses of irrelevance we were dished out, while the candidates completely ignoring melting polar ice caps.

It was brought home no more than 10 steps from a typical coed restaurant restroom in Spain. That is where I heard a fellow from our tour group emphatically telling our Spanish guide Carlos how "crazy" politicians in the US were "forcing men to use women's bathrooms and vice versa", it was  "so unsafe and disgusting!"

I stopped mid-step, looked back over my shoulder at the patient, yet incredulous Spaniard and thought "Yes, Carlos he means just like that safe, clean restroom I just left. The one simultaneously being used by men, women and kids."

When will Americans grow up?

But enough of that.

My 2016 highlights included a few weeks spent in amazing Singapore and 2 weeks spent in Barcelona and bicycling through Spain's beautiful Costa Brava.  

Later I was able to experience Frank Lloyd Wright's architectural masterpiece "Fallingwater" in Pennsylvania. 

There was also a rainy weekend spent in the Chicago Art Institute and a return to (one of my favorite cities) Toronto.

Business travel included multiple trips to Washington State, Oklahoma, Montana, Virginia, Southern California, Florida, Hawaii and Colorado. 

Yes indeed, 2016 was a great year in travel. 

And, it kept me sane,

So where is Roadboy going in 2017?

First off is a springtime visit to San Francisco. Then in May I'll return to Ireland for a week (including the Giant's Causeway) and follow that with a week in London (to enjoy a new season of West End plays!)

In the fall, there will be a week long "Low Country" bicycle tour from Charleston SC to Savannah GA. Another return to Mrs. Wilkes Dining room in Savannah is eagerly anticipated!

Scattered in between will be a gaggle of business trips to Washington, Colorado, California and Florida.

And how will Roadboy travel in 2017? 

Well, I'll be using Air BNB's more and conventional hotels less. I'll rent fewer cars and use more public transport / Uber and LYFT.

I'll be clearing my browser cache daily and changing all my passwords regularly. 

I'll travel with my passport and credit cards comfortably residing in new RFID protected sheathes.

And, after a recent sobering conversation with a cyber security expert, I'll continue to stay the hell off of social network sites.

As always, my travel goals will be to learn more about the people, history, culture, food, flora and fauna of this amazing planet. And, while traveling I'll be praying each day for our newbie president, hoping he doesn't tweet us into World War III.

Stay tuned!

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