Saturday, January 7, 2017

Travel in a Time of Increasing Uncertainty

2017 Has Landed, Guard Your Flank

Followers of Roadboy know I am a proudly contrarian traveler. When crowds go one way I tend to cast my gaze in the opposite direction. And when the crowds catch up, I move on. I consider my travel dollars will both broaden my horizons and financially support troubled local economies when selecting travel destinations.  

Rocky and Co-Pilot 
(My Travel Buddies) 
All Prepared for 2017!

When Ireland, Spain and Portugal were suffering devastating unemployment rates, I put it on my itinerary and have since fallen in love with each.

Now happily they are showing up on everyone's 2017 "Hot" lists and I say "good on 'em!"

After the WTC attacks, when otherwise rational friends announced they'd "never travel again", I planned a trip to New York City.

And, despite repeated terrorist attacks in France, Germany and Belgium, I never think twice about returning to each. Because each of these countries fiercely adheres to the rule of law.

When foot and mouth struck England in 2001, we set off for London. And, when swine flu struck Mexico in 2009, we experienced the stunning (and uncrowded) ruins of Chichen Itza.

However in 2017 Roadboy is becoming more cautious. While I'll still direct travel dollars toward natures recovering  economically (right now Iceland would be an example), I am avoiding destinations ruled by thugs & gangs and where there is no longer a  rule of law. I also avoid places that identify segments of their citizenry for ridicule and victimization.

Some examples....Russia. Turkey, the Philippines and perhaps North Carolina.

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