Friday, May 26, 2017

Change in Plans

Days 6-9

After the long day spent traveling to Belfast and the Giant's Causeway the next morning was deemed a day to sleep in. 

It seemed like a nice leisurely day to return and visit Christchurch, the Guinness Brewery (called the "Storehouse") and if time permitted another stab at visiting the Trinity College Library.

First stop was Christchurch. This is the oldest medieval cathedral in Ireland. Its origins go back to the eleventh century. Like many ancient churches in Europe, Christchurch has been adapted and expanded continuously.  It had its buttresses added along with added chapels over the centuries.

Christchurch, however, is unique in that it is the seat for both the Church of Ireland and the Roman Catholic Church in Ireland. Although the Catholics have a special designation for another church that "stands in" as their cathedral.

It is a very picturesque building and that has landed it in many films and television series (most recently Reign and The Tudors).

Personally I found the tile floors to be exceptional.

Christchurch Cathedral Tower

One of the Floor Mosaics

 Detail From the Floor Mosaics

For me, however, Christchurch will always be remembered as the spot in Dublin where I took a rather splendid fall. after missing the last stair descending into its dark crypt.

I hit hard. The kind folks around me helped me up. But, once up I realized I had twisted my ankle pretty good.

There was no real pain, so we went on to our next stop the Guinness Storehouse. That is were I made two discoveries: first, the Storehouse was too crowded to enjoy and second, I had done something more than simply twist my ankle.

So I started researching Doc options. I quickly came to realize Ireland's healthcare is in a state of transformation as they move toward a single payer plan. In the meantime it is more like ours (kind of a mess).

If I'd fallen in Northern Ireland (British style healthcare) I'd have just gone anywhere and been fixed up. However after consulting the Dublin US Embassy website, I realized I'd be going to a doc in a box.

When I got there they asked me for my name and my credit card. I asked if they needed my US insurance card and they said no "American insurance is too hard to deal with".  You pay us and we fix you up..

So at this point I saw a doc, got x-rays (confirming I'd actually broken my foot) and left with new crutches, a stylish immobilizer boot and instructions to do mt best keeping weight off my foot for 10 days. Soooo.

Since my normal sightseeing in Europe relies on lots of walking, it became immediately clear that the balance of this trip would now include much more logistical planning. 

No tube or buses. This trip is all taxi's and uber's.

Day 7
Hell bent not to sit in the cottage we began with a return to the Trinity College Library. Today it was open and we were successful in getting a nce visit. And, I now know they have a secret little lift that the guards can use to take you up to the libraries magnificent "Long Room".

In My New Footwear.

Day 8
This was the day we booked the second day trip to the Cliffs of Moher.  I decided instead to take the, dayto put my foot up and chill in our wonderful cottage.

Here are two photos my traveling companion took on the Cliffs of Moher trip. Another reason I'll have to come back to Ireland! 

 Why Irish Creamery Butter is So Good!

The Wild Irish Coast

Day 9
When Sunday arrived we desided to attend church in St. Patrick's Cathedral. We found the cathedral to be meticulously maintained. And every seat was full for Sunday services. It is a choir based service where we heard their wonderful boys choir.

After church we admired its windows and history.  I also loved this little statue for the Boyle clan. In the middle is a little child (Robert Boyle) who grew up to b the "Father of Chemistry".

Robert Boyle

How Beautiful Are The Feet.... 
With my broken foot, the words on St. Patrick's pulpit took on new meaning. Tomorrow we'd be checking out and flying to London.

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