Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Traveling to Dublin!

Days 1-2

When I travel great distances I allow an extra day whenever I can. The day I arrive, I simply check into a hotel and just start to get my circadian rhythms reset.  I watch a movie, eat time appropriate and force myself to go to bed as close to local time as I can. 

My journey over was pretty nice. I cashed in lots of points for business class.

Shortly after take off the pilot pointed out a night view of Manhattan that was pretty amazing,

My flight time included setting up my sleep pod, watching a movie, enjoying a gin and tonic with dinner (panko / quinoa shrimp) and drifting off to sleep. Everything was on time. 

Was Easy to Spot Midtown Skyscrapers & Central Park 
(Central Park is in the Center of the Photo)

When I woke for breakfast we were just crossing over the last remnants of the Atlantic and drifting above slowly rotating giant windmills and the lush green of Ireland.

Leaving the airport on the hotel shuttle we had to share the road with a harness racer trotting at a pretty good clip.

Welcome to Ireland!

TheView From the Airport Hotel Shuttle Bus

I spent the balance of the day relaxing at the very nice Dublin Airport Hilton.

Tomorrow morning I will return to the airport, collect my traveling companion and check in at our AirBNB.

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