Friday, June 2, 2017

Harry Potter at Warner Brothers London

Day 13

A highlight of our London visit was a full day set aside to visit Warner Brother's London.  This is where the major sets for the Harry Potter movies are now on display.

The studio is about 30-45 minutes outside of London and requires reservations for the specific date and time you plan to visit. So planning for this trip is essential.

There are various ways to visit Warner Brothers. You can book your access online and then drive or use London's very easy and efficient train service

But, the easiest way to visit is just to book it as part of a package tour. With the tours you get a bus ride from central London to / from the Studio and your admission ticket. The downside is that the time they give you at the exhibit is IMHO too short.

If you want to be able to spend more time in the studio then plan to take the train. Its very easy. Take the underground to Euston Station. At Euston Station follow the signs to "London Overground" and then take the train that ends at Watford Junction. At Watford Junction depart the station and right in front is a Harry Potter shuttle bus (2.5 £ RT) that takes you right to the entrance.

In my reduced mobility mode I opted to check out one of studio's free wheelchairs. It was a zippy little unit that afforded me full access to the entire studio tour. My foot was so happy to get off of those crutches.

We booked a packaged tour, but wound up using the train one direciton. If I do this day trip again I'll take the train both directions.

The tour begins with a film introduction, moves into Hogwarts Dining Hall, then into the interior sets, forest, Hogwarts express, exterior sets and models. There are a couple of self serve cafes and a huge gift shop at the end.

They encourage photo taking, so here are some of my photos!

Hogwarts Dining Hall

Costuming and Millinery

The Floating Staircase

The Clock

Dumbledore's Office

Specialty Sets

Hogwart's Express

Diagon's Alley

The Major Model Room

Hogwarts Architect

A full day that will bring joy to any Harry Potter fan!

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beachdaddy said...

There are MANY kind of tour places I don't enjoy ... just me ... but this really looks amazing and I would really enjoy the train station for the Hogwarts Express ...

Cool that they have good accessibility ... something I always look for in reviews of places. Sounds like a great vacation ... again!!