Monday, June 5, 2017

AA Realligns at LAX

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Just a little blog post tonight. 

Just read American Airlines has pledged $1.5 Billion (yep, with a "B") to upgrade its operations at LAX.

Delta made a similar ($1.9 Billion) commitment to upgrade their terminal at LAX last week.

LAX is having quite a week. LAX is feeling the love.

But, those of us that fly a lot, know that airlines are all about the bottom line. So as AA realigns their hubs emphasizing DFW and LAX, they are slowly draining Phoenix (i.e. 500 pilots reassigned out of Phoenix etc.).

But as AA fades from PHX, my hope is that a truly great airline (like Alaska!) might expand into PHX.

Seems like PHX would make so much sense to Alaska Air Group.

Alaska's continued expansion eastward would benefit with the addition of at least one all-weather hub (i.e. one that is not closed by fog or rain and isn't an inch from the Pacific). Seriously; how can you truly support an eastward expansion only having hubs in Seattle, Portland and now SFO?

Here's an example. I'm in Denver and want to fly to Miami. Am I really gonna want to fly from Denver to Seatlle and then on to Chicago, before I fly to Miami? Odd business model.

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