Friday, October 13, 2017

Bicycling The Low Country: Part 2

Days 5-6: Savannah
The Bonaventure Cemetery, Wormsloe Plantation and Ebenezer Creek

After four days exploring the Sea Isles of South Carolina, we began Day 5 with a shuttle from Beaufort to Savannah, Georgia.

Upon arrival in Savannah we took a walking tour of its historic district admiring its many squares and architecture.

After the walk we were free to explore the city on our own before reconvening to check into our new hotel: The Andaz.

Some of us had signed up for an eco-kayak tour of the black waters of Ebenezer Creek just north of Savannah.

The kayak trip quickly became one of the highlights of the trip. After a shuttle to Ebenezer Creek, we met our guides and selected either 1 or 2 person kayaks, paddles and life vests. After a brief lesson on paddling we set off gliding through tea colored water shaded by towering cypress and tupelo trees.

The still, mostly shallow, creek was very quiet and somehow felt otherworldly.

City Hall Savannah

Kayaking on Ebenezer Creek

Gliding Among the Cypress and Tupelo

Water Lines on the Trees Identify Testify to Recent Storm Surges

Complete Bliss

Upon return to the Andaz, it was time to shower and seek dinner. Anticipating fine dining the next day, we opted for the creative menu served up at Savannah's own Treylor Park. We were early enough to avoid their frequent hour plus wait. Drinks were ordered as we reviewed its one-of-a-kind menu.

Our server proudly informed us that the crazier a menu item sounded, the better it would taste.  We began with a mountain of waffle fry nachos and plates of deep fried avocados.

Waffle Fry Nachos at Treylor Park

The last day (Friday) began with a ride through some beautiful neighborhoods including Bluff Drive.

A Stately Bluff Drive Residence

The View from Bluff Drive

From Bluff Drive we made our way to the Wormsloe Plantation with its mile long canopy tree drive.


Wormsloe's Canopy of Trees

We stopped for a terrific Bar-B-Que lunch at Savannah's Sandfly and then peddaled on to the Bonaventure Cemetery. This is the place where the "Bird Girl" statue from the movie "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" used to reside. Due to some vandalism Bird Girl now resides in a Savannah Museum.

Although I'd visited this cemetery before, I'd never had the chance to really explore it. So this trip I found myself reading epitaphs, admiring the sculpture and marveling at the stories the place holds. This is the final resting place for many of Savannah's most elite residents, including songwriter Johnny Mercer. His family plot includes a bench engraved with his most famous songs (including many Academy Award® winners).

Elaborate Sculptures

 Some Beautiful, Some Creepy

 Johnny Mercer

From Angels to Cats

 Cat Eternally on Guard

After the ride we turned in our bikes for the last time and went off to shower and change for our farewell dinner at The Pink House. I slipped in a visit to the Savannah Bee Shop for some noney tasting (sourwood, sage and tupelo were my favorites). 

Now it was time for dinner. There were toasts, laughs, trading of e-mail addresses and a round of Happy Birthday. And then, officially, the trip was over.

Time sometimes passes so quickly. This week time flew by.

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