Thursday, December 16, 2010

A New Year Shapes up for Roadboy

The 38th Festival International de la Bande Dessinee!
(With Mid-winter visits to Paris, Amsterdam, and Brugge Thrown in For Good Measure!)

So what sort of fool goes to Paris in January? 

Good old Roadboy thats who.

Yes, in the true spirit of contrarian travel, Miss M and I are breaking out the cold weather clothes (which is painful for Phoenicians) and heading to Europe.

So what is in store for us? 

Well in January:
1. It is real cold in Paris, Amsterdam and Brugge.
2. But, lines are short in Paris and Amsterdam's world class museums. Heck, we might even be able to stand directly in front of the Mona Lisa without being shoved.
3. It is annual sale time at Paris' famous department stores (sales in France happen only twice a year and are government controlled.) Scarves anyone?
4. You can enjoy hot chocolate in the country made famous by chocolate - Belgium!
5. When the canals freeze in Amsterdam, people ice skate on them!
6. You don't have to worry about broken AC units in your hotel room.
7. Street cafes put out heaters!
8. It is time for the annual International Comics Festival in Angouleme.

OK, so you may be asking "what the heck is the Festival de la Bande Dessinee?" I asked that question when Miss M said she would like to attend it.

I now know that it is the oldest and largest festival of comic book art in Europe. It is to Europe what San Diego's ComicCon is to the US.

The difference? 

Well comic book art is considered serious art in France and the Festival is a very serious event. 

In San Diego people (usually seriously fat) dress up like characters out of star wars. Usually exposing too much skin in all the wrong places.

In France, they don't.

I'm good with that.

So, I believe the proper question to ask should be: "What sort of fool goes to Paris in hot and crowded August?" 

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