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Roadboy Visits The Alamo

A Key to America's Westward Destiny

In 1835 David (Davy) Crockett, discussing his unsuccessful run for the Tennessee legislature, told voters "you may all go to hell and I'll go to Texas!"

Soon after he indeed migrated to the Mexican Territory of Texas.

Less than a year later his name was etched in history when he perished as a defender of the former mission compound in San Antonio referred to simply as The Alamo.

The Alamo

The Fountain in Front of the Alamo Library

The Alamo Museum

Starting with my very first visit in 1968, San Antonio has always been one of my favorite cities. I have visited it many times. Yet, in all my visits, I had never visited The Alamo. 

So last Thursday I spent an afternoon wandering its humble grounds. As I wandered I came to realize that The Alamo is far more than sacred ground to Texans, it actually played a pivotal role in the eventual unification of our nation, making it nothing less than sacred ground to all Americans. 

The 200 Alamo defenders held off Santa Anna's massive army for an incredible 13 days. Their unexpected and fierce resistance provoked Santa Anna upon breeching its walls to systematically kill all of its defender's.

He then dispatched the surviving woman and children to inform other Texans of the fate awaiting them should they resist him.

Instead of striking fear it galvanized the resolve of the Texas rebels giving them the battle cry "Remember the Alamo". A month later, despite being vastly outnumbered, Sam Houston defeated and captured Santa Anna at San Jacinto.

The Alamo
A Timeline of Destiny

• 1821
After 110 years under Spanish control, Texas becomes a part of Mexico and recruits settlers from the US to act as human buffers between the Mexican nationals already in Texas and the Comanches. Anglo homesteaders come by the tens of thousands and soon outnumber the Mexicans creating concern to the Mexican government.

Mexico imposes property taxes, increases tariff on US shipped goods, and enacts various punishing laws on the settler's. The settler's resent the laws and reject Mexico's demands.

General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna revokes the Mexican constitution, becomes dictator of Mexico and sets out to quash the Texas rebels.

Stephen Austin calls Texans to arms declaring independence from Mexico. A 13 day battle and loss to Santa Anna at The Alamo mobilizes rebels ultimately leading to the defeat of Santa Ana.

Texas becomes a Republic (although still regarded by Mexico as its Territory.)

Texas becomes a state which stirs Mexican resentment and provokes the Mexican American War.

The Mexican American War ends with the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo giving the US complete control of Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico, and Utah along with parts of Colorado, Kansas and Wyoming.

Gold is discovered in California and the rush of westward migration becomes a stampede.

The battle of the Alamo had played a remarkable role in the unification of the modern contiguous United States.

Today's Alamo Residents 

So, if you visit San Antonio (and you should) please...

Remember The Alamo!

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