Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A Brief Return to Venice

Ohh, if it Could Have Been About 20° Cooler.....

My fifth visit to Venice confirmed again that 1. Venice is still there, 2. It is still beautiful, 3. Gondolier's still sing and ply its canals, 4. It is still darned hot and muggy in August, 5. The world's oldest Biennale is still eclectic and thriving and 6. The world still adores coming to visit it.

We had two days to visit this trip and since it was the first visit for Mr. B and Ms. M we sort of "did the walk" from Piazelle Roma to San Marco and a tour of the Doges Palace. There were the usual throngs waiting to enter the Cathedral San Marco. But we walked straight into the Doges Palace. Regrettably much of the palace is set aside for a Manet exhibition, so the tour was limited (the amazing map room was not included).

From the windows of the palace we were able to get wonderful views of the Grand Canal and a clear view of Marc Quinn's gigantic Biennale sculpture of "Alison Lapper Pregnant" on San Giorgio Maggiore. Alison sort of seems to be positioned to look over at the location on the Punta della Dogana where Charles Ray's sculpture "Boy With Frog" stood until its recent removal.

Alison Lapper Pregnant

Towers Still Standing & Still Leaning

Random Art on a Wall

Team Roadboy Sweats the Isla

Venice is a wonder; a place unlike any other on earth. It changes completely, for example, when winter comes San Marco can be completely abandoned with nearby gondolas all covered and bobbing at their docks. The whole city necklaced in views of the snowcapped Dolomites. 

It is a place of unique sights, smells and textures. It has its own unique transport, culture, costumes and cuisine. 

It is endlessly romantic.

I could spend weeks exploring it. But, not in August. 

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