Saturday, March 14, 2015

Flying Fashion

Style? at 36,000 Feet

The Dallas Morning News recently reported that American Airline's pilots have lodged a protest against the new uniforms proposed by the airline. 

The accompanying photo illustrated a group of smiling Stepfordesque employee drones modeling new grey on grey on grey uniforms.

I studied that photograph and realized that the models would look totally appropriate on any 1960's era Soviet airline. 

(American Airlines Photos)

I work in a creative industry so I am well aware how any creative endeavor becomes an easy target to criticism. But, the photo made me wonder what direction the fashion designer was given from airline executives.

With the corporate name "American" this airline has an obligation to create iconic imagery. It represents America. Its very name means something. Look at Alaska Airlines and its iconic smiling Eskimo.  They get it.

Our's is the country where the livery of Air Force One was commissioned by Jacqueline Kennedy and created by Raymond Loewy. And, after nearly 60 years, AF-1 still flies iconic and proud.  

Study the exceptional and elegant uniforms worn by the staff of Emirates or Singapore. Their uniforms convey pride and successfully evoke the unique qualities of their nations.

If the corporate direction was to create unimaginative and unflattering uniforms for American's staff, they scored a direct hit.

In their complaint American's Pilots asked for comfortable, stylish, American made uniforms. 

As I close in on becoming a Three Million (Actual) Miler on American I suggest its Corporate leadership actually try listening to the people that actually make their airline run.  

Use this opportunity to create uniquely American uniforms.

Here's a thought - Have the uniforms made in the US by American's!

Style them to celebrate America's love of flight.

Remember when your were a kid, boarding an airplane for the first time. Remember feeling the rush of a plane taking off for the first time and seeing how quickly earthbound houses and cars became little dots. Remember the first time you looked down, instead of up, just fascinated by that ocean of puffy clouds.

Think magic.

Think bomber jackets. Iconic aviator style RayBan sunglasses. Incorporate stylish, comfortable and uniquely American lines. 

Yours is the airline whose silver aircraft used to glistcn bright in the sky. 

Whomever is creating your new corporate imagery suffers from depression and needs exposure to full spectrum lights.

Give your staff uniforms that make them actually proud to wear your colors. 

Hell, just give them colors. 


Is that what "The New" American is to become?

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