Saturday, March 21, 2015

Love is in the Air - Air France

Style and Smiles Go Hand in Hand

The customers of Air France have been the beneficiaries of a wonderful new advertisement lately. It goes a long way to express the spirit of an airline that has always been known for style.

This is the airlines whose staff recently flash mobbed a dance routine in front of bedazzled travelers in the middle of Charles de Gaulle Terminal 2E. 

Enjoy the wonderful Air France commercial here - Remembering to click back to return, of course!

If you fly Air France anytime soon you will also be treated to a wonderful safety video. It is beautifully choreographed and features lines like fastening your seatbelt "will elegantly highlight your waistline" and "a non-smoking flight is simply chci!"

Enjoy it here. Ditto to click back to return!

Hey Air France, WAY TO GO!

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