Sunday, March 1, 2015

Some Observations On Travel

The World Out There

I have friends that have never ventured more than 100 miles in any direction. Some simply express zero desire to go much of anywhere. A frightening number of 'Zonies believe that long distance travel consists of a trip to Flagstaff or an occasional trip to San Diego or maybe (wait for it) Rocky Point.

Staying within a comfortable bubble usually means little in ones life is challenged. 

While free will entitles us to spend what little time God grants us on this small planet within a tiny radius, I firmly believe doing so means we die poorer.

The reality is very little of the world is within a 100 or even 500 mile radius of home. 

Whether it is visiting Washington DC to experience the emotional immersion of America's memorials, experiencing the dappled otherworldly light that filters to earth through a grove of California redwoods or walking the ramparts of the Alhambra in Grenada, life is fr richer when we make a lifelong attempt to experience as much of he world as possible. 

We come to understand how other people live. 

We walk in their cities, smell and taste their foods, listen to their music and experience their art and architecture

The world allows us to scroll down on an endless page offering more places to go and more people and cultures to experience. 

And each experience perfectly fills some empty little pocket of understanding in our very being.

The world confirms that there are many ways to do things. 

And, frequently (at least for me), I find my preconceptions shattered by the people and places I visit.

When I return home I savor what I learned. And, strangely, being away from home seems to  renew a heightened appreciation for the life I return to.

Where does your radius end? 

Winter Sunset in the Woods of Versailles

Why not extend it?

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