Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Kinsale, GPS Melts, Sneem and The Ring of Kerry

Ireland Day 6

Today in deference to the wonderful beds at Cork's River Lee Hotel, we slept in as late as we could taking full advantage of our noon check-out time. Ms. M and I had both admitted we each had zero desire to kiss Cork's Blarney Stone. So off we went. 

We first drove to Kinsale (where we'd been a lot of foodies live). And indeed Kinsale is overloaded with great little cafe's, farm to table shopping and nice bakeries. Lunch was a leisurely event. A rustic baguette with poached chicken, bacon, basil pesto mayonnaise and scratchlings (potato frites with the skins on). 

The Village of Kinsale

Wondow Shopping In A Foodies's Delight

Kinsale's Bay

After lunch we ventured off for more auto cruising and sightseeing in general. Along the way there were rolling hillsides full of cows and sheep. We spotted the Leap castle and the then encountered the ruins of the huge abandoned Timoleague Abbey. The Timoleague Abbey dates back to 1240. The abbey was sacked and its stained glass windows destroyed by British Soldiers in 1612. The Franciscan friars at the abbey finally abandoned the site in 1629.

Ruins of Timoleague Abbey

When e reached Ballydehob (by the way Bally means "city") became across something that looked almost like a Roman Aquaduct. Upon closer inspection we found out it was an abandoned stone railway bridge built in 1886 for the West Carbery Tramwayan Light Railway. The last train to cross it was in 1947.

The Lovely Abandoned Stone Rail Bridge in Ballydehob
At this point we started to drive north and along the way our Retal car Garmin told us to drive on a one lane road that went seemingly deeper and deeper into troll country. We kept going and encountered lovely waterfalls and farmhouses.

Along The Garmin Road

Ms. M at "Garmin" Falls

After 20 KM or so on our tiny little road we eventually joined the main road. We then climbed up a mountain pass covered in rock outcroppings and sheep. It truly looked like the rocks could produce a Druid at any moment. 

We passed the lovely town of Bantry. With its deep water port it is a dock point for many oil tankers each year.

The days drive ended in the little village of Sneem where we would check into the Sneem Hotel. After checking in we walked to the village for dinner. To get there we crossed an old stone bridge with lovely falls churning below it.

Sneem Falls

All in all just a beautiful day. 

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