Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Welcome to England!

That Was Odd....

Well Tuesday night after a nice dinner of stir fry and pad thai in downtown Limerick we returned to our (pretty wonderful) hotel. 

I had bought some rubbing compound and polish. So before calling it a day I went down to the garage and worked to minimize the scratches on my rental car.

On the way to the garage the sun was setting and I saw this nearby church. I snapped the photo below with my I-phone though a window that had rain drops on it and was a little dirty. The has been zero photoshop on the photo. It is just as I took it. 

Sometimes you just score magic!

Limerick At Sunset

So Wednesday morning we drove from Limerick to Dublin to catch our flight back to London.

With dread I turned in my hurt rental car. I guess my scratch work paid off. Dooley's Rental Car was totally wonderful. They quickly got a fair estimate together and priced out a replacement mirror and installation of same (at cost). Renting a Ford from a Ford dealer paid off. Total bill for my damage: 219 E.

And, drum roll please! I now feel totally confident driving on the left, with the stick shift in the other hand on little tiny roads! 

Ms. M and I noted that after 5 days of driving on narrow little windy roads, and putting nearly 1000 KM on our rental car, we had not witnessed even one single 2-car collision.

Lets see... for comparison.....

In Phoenix (where I drive all of 4 miles to/from work each day) I typically see a rollover and/or the jaws of life in operation on our city streets and/or the 51 parkway perhaps once a month?

Enter The Twilight Zone.....

Imagine you went to London and no one knew?

A little background....After boarding our BA flight in Dublin they passed out special landing cards that we were instructed to fill out in order to present them upon landing to English Immigrations.

So we filled them out. Then when we landed at Heathrow almost everyone on our plane was simply changing planes. So, as they exited the plane they were all diverted into a waiting bus.

Ms. M and I were instead directed into a series of endless gerbil tubes (right out of some bad sci-fi movie). We finally emerged into a special arrivals area designated only for "Arriving Irish" flights.

Hmmmm..... memories of IRA days?

Well, after our bags came up we proceeded to another big empty space with no one in it. We weren't asked for our forms or to see passports.

We just simply walked toward some big frosty glass doors that opened automatically.

We were officially in London. 

So it's official. Other than loved ones, no one in any official capacity in England, is aware of our arrival...... 

Tomorrow we'll get Ms. M an English cell phone and start the quest to find her a nice room to let!

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