Tuesday, June 3, 2014

What In The World?

Children Alone

Perhaps it was because I was up early on a beautiful summer morning preparing for an international flight that the NPR story stopped me in my tracks.

My Travel Plans:
In a couple of hours my daughter and I will board a flight in big first class seats bound for Philadelphia. On board we'll enjoy a lunch. We will then connect to our flight to Ireland in Business class where we will enjoy another meal, movies and then sleep in lay flat beds until we pass over the green of Ireland and touch down in Dublin.

Their Travel Plans:
NPR's report began by describing a surge in children as young as 8 walking unescorted through the blistering hot deserts of Northern Mexico to find a way to slip across the border.

They interviewed a Rep from the US Border Patrol who said what has been a trickle of children from Mexico and Central America and has become a flood. 

In desperation they are converting military barracks into orphanages.

We now have our own "Lost Boy's (and girls) of the Sudan" situation among us. Right here. Right now.

As I reflected on my travels, I suddenly found myself feeling very shallow and shattered. 

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