Thursday, June 5, 2014

Roadboy in Dublin

Hello Doooblin!

Our flight from Phoenix to Philadelphia seemed to drag on forever. But our second leg was very nice. I enjoyed a darned good dinner, two movies and some sleep before landing in Dublin. 

In My "Used to Be" Envoy Pod

Grey skies and a big modern airport welcomed us.  Sadly there are no airport light rail connections from the airport ointo Dublin. So we piled into a cab for our ride to the city. 

Right away John Ruth (our cabbie) offered up a warm Irish welcome to "Doooblin"!

He felt obliged to pack centuries of Irish history into our ride to the Hilton Kilmainham. And, when informed we would be going on to London, offered sincerest condolences.

As he created lanes (where there weren't any) and zipped us to our hotel through his beloved city he confessed to his own ill-fated family trip to Disneyland. His attempts to drive on the right in LA left him so traumatized him that he simply pulled his rental car over on the I-5 freeway and smoked cigarettes till the CHP came to escort him off the freeway.

Day One was almost all sleep. We did wake up and walk to the pub district (Temple Bar) to have a hearty dinner (a trio of Irish stews for Ms. M and a wonderful Shepherds Pie for me).

Graffiti Image of Jet-Lagged Phoenicians 
Trolling for Dinner In Temple Bar 

I'll Post Day Two (featuring a visit to the huge Guinness Brewery) tomorrow!

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